Which Marlux Curtains do I need?

Choosing the right disposable Marlux medical curtain can be a little daunting, but take a look at the pictures before and hopefully it will make things a little clearer. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

How many curtains do I need? You will need the same as number of rooms but at least a few spare incase they are soiled. Usually practices buy enough for twice the rooms so if none are soiled they have enough for the next scheduled change. Boxes are cheaper than singles.

How often do I need to change my curtains? CQC advises every 6 months - the label on them allows you to keep track of this (See http://www.cqc.org.uk/content/gp-mythbuster-6-guidance-about-curtains for CQC curtain advice.)

Do my curtains expire? They do not have an expiry date, the Microban will last as long as the curtains. As these are made of polypropylene they will last for a long long time. You can therefore take advantage of the cheaper price on a box even if it will take you years to use them.

What do I do with my old curtains when i need to replace them? Unsoiled curtains can be recycled as they are polypropylene. Soiled curtains to follow your surgery's procedure on clinical waste.

Does the antimicrobial treatment wipe off easily? The Microban technology is built in at manufacture so this cannot be wiped off. Daily grime can be wiped off.

What size curtains do I need? Straight or L-shape rails (1 long side and 1 short side of bed) = 4.2m however U-shape rails (2 long sides and 1 short side of bed) = 7.2m. If you are not sure call us.

What length of curtains do I need? The length is standard at 1.95m. This should allow you to see a fallen patient behind it but not be too high either. If you have low ceilings the curtains can be cut down with scissors. The curtain is no more resiliant than a paper towel to scissors. 

What hook system do I need? If your curtains look like the below, then you need you have the:

Universal Curtains...Click here to view the range

If your curtains look like the below, then you need you have:

Uni-Glide Curtains... Click here to view the range

If your curtains look the below, then you need you have:

Fast Fit Curtains... Click here to view the range

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