Our 2017 Customer Survey Results...

Thank you to our customers who completed our 2017 customer survey. Your feedback was treated with the up-most importance and a team of IT and Marketing boffins here at Medical Supermarket grafted hard to make changes to our business as quickly as possible.


For those of you who buy from us, will know that we are a very humble and honest company. We don't preach to know everything, but instead we admit our mistakes, learn from them and improve. We exist because our customers see that we add value to their organisations through lower prices and increased service and we take every chance we can to get better. Continuing on with our honest approach, we have detailed below the results of the survey with real feedback from our customers...warts and all. 

Why aren’t we your sole supplier?

  • Occasionally, there are items you cannot get, or are cheaper elsewhere
  • Sometimes we can’t get specific items from you
Our thoughts: We monitor the market daily but no matter how hard we work, there will always be a deal somewhere that sneaks past us. However, if you come across a bargain that's better than ours, please let us know and we'll see if we can match it. We'll always try our best. An advantage of ordering from us is that you can buy medical consumables and equipment, pharmacy supplies as well as your stationery and cleaning supplies all from one place. If there is an item you can’t find on our website, give our customer loyalty ladies a ring and we’ll do all we can to find what you’re after.


 How have you found the deliveries of stationery supplies?

  • Sometimes the deliveries come apart

Our thoughts: Your medical and stationery items will often arrive separately, this is because we do not yet have the room to hold stationery products.  What we do though, is we work with a supplier who can get us great prices and the range that you need and will deliver straight to you the next day as long as it is in stock. The only other reason you might get your delivery sent in other parts if the items are buy to order lines, this means we will have to order this in for you, but we do state that against each product that this affects. If an item is going to arrive to you later than stated on our website we will always endeavour to email you and update with when to expect it. If you have any issues though we are only ever a call, email or Live Chat away so do get in touch.


 Why do you use Medical Supermarket instead of other suppliers and what incentives appeal to you?

  • Fast Delivery
  • Reliable
  • Having everything in one place which saves me valuable time
  • The overall service and pricing and availability

Our thoughts: It’s nice to know what makes our customers happy! We’ll continue to provide you great service and low prices.


What can we do to make us the best in the industry?

  • Just carry on as you are, don't change your friendly approach
  • You are already very competitive
  • Continue with the great service you already provide
  • Continue to provide a good service I have only recently gone to you and have been pleased with delivery and service so far

Our thoughts: Arhh shucks, stop it you're making us blush. Thank you


Thank you to everyone who took the time to send us feedback. We pride ourselves on doing a good job for our customers and if you have any questions, or think of something else we can do to make your job easier, please let us know

Have a superb 2018 and we look forward to working with you.



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We're chuffed to say that we have helped our customers save... £9,462,212.02 so they can reinvest that back into front line patient care.

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