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We believe our customers deserve the very best in price, quality and service. That's why we only employ guys and girls who can ensure your experience using Medical Supermarket is the very best it can be. Having started in 2010 with just Nick and Udhi our team has grown rapidly since. Here's a little overview of who does what:


Udhi Silva & Nick Coleman - Co Founders - We started the company in 2010 with a credit card, yellow pages and a dusty laptop, eager to help the NHS save money. Over a 6 month period we met over 250 Practice Managers and armed with your advice and support we built Medical Supermarket. It's designed to give you everything you need in one place so you can save money and spend more time on the things that matter, your patients/residents and staff. We are a small company but we love what we do and we are always willing to learn. Udhi has a gorgeous young daughter named Claudia and new son Bertie. Nick has an equally amazing puppy named Fudge (which you can see a link to at the bottom of this page!)


Managing Director

Lloyd - Managing Director - having joined us in Sales, Lloyd quickly showed us that he has a keen eye for a deal and knows what our customers deserve from our suppliers. Lloyd has previously tackled the important role as Operations Manager and single handedly built and set up our warehouse.He loves a bargain and can't resist a deal on oversized cuddly teddy bears!Lloyd is now our managing director and makes sure that everything in the business runs smoothly.


Customer Loyalty

Amanda - Customer Loyalty Manager - Amanda is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the most important part of our business, customer loyalty. Her team are on hand to help you with whatever you need, whenever you need it. If your product hasn't arrived, she makes sure the supplier regrets it. She has a Cat named Eddie and an obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Lena - Customer Loyalty Advisor - Lena is currently doing an apprenticeship in customer service and is keen to help you find what you are looking for! She will most probably answer your call and is bound to put a smile on your face! Lena is known for her love for Shawn Mendes and  baked potatoes. .

Shehani -Website Administrator -Shehani looks after our website. If there’s an item you need us to source, Shehani will upload it onto the website and will make sure it looks snazzy! She also handles our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, so take a look to see what we’ve been getting up to as a business.


Sales & Account Management  

Asanka - Head of Sales

Seb & Paula - Business Development Managers Asanka, our head of sales and Seb our BDM work together to make sure our customers get the most out of the service we provide. They’re only a phone call, fax or email away and are there to iron out any issues that may occur. We're not perfect but we make sure that we do everything we can to make our customers jobs that little bit easier. Their primary role is to ensure our customers get the very best out of us and continue to save money on everything they buy.

Hannah-  Hannah has a wealth of customer service experience as a former loyalty lady. She is passionate about going the extra mile and empowered to do what is right and fair for our customers. She's always up for a cheeky Nandos which is of course accompanied by a glass of prosecco, wine or gin.

Paula-Paula is also a part of the sales team and is one of our new recruits. She’s a mum of two and is a trend setter in the office with her stylish taste in fashion! She looks after our customers in the north and like the rest of the sales team is only an email or phone call away



Malcolm - Financial Controller - Malcolm has a wealth of finance experience and has been brought on to ensure we have full control over our costs. Malcolm is our in house quiz master, whenever we have a spare moment he loves testing our general knowledge. He also uses his expertise to teach the future generations about how to spend their pennies wisely.

Alex - Finance Officer - Alex is our office stud and when he's not working for us he can be found cutting shapes on the dance floor showing everyone just how its done.

Faisal - Finance Apprentice - Faisal is a new member in the finance team and works alongside Alex and Malcom. He’s definitely one of the best dressed on dress down Fridays in the office! He’s known to be a king in trainers and is usually donning a pair of fresh crepes.



Dhanesh- Operations Co-Ordinator - Dhanesh is a lean mean fighting machine, he battles with suppliers to ensure that the products are with us ready to be despatched to you our lovely customers as well as helping Lloyd undercover every saving possible so we can pass them on. In his spare time he uses his focus and determination to get shredded in the gym.

Dan - Warehouse and Transport Supervisor. A joke a day keeps the doctor away. He loves keeping the warehouse working spick and span and throws in some of the worst jokes you've heard. Look out for him in the new series of Hunted!

Mike, Matt & Matt - Warehouse Operators. These guys work non stop to make sure your order gets out to you the next day looking gorgeous. If you're lucky you may also find little treat in your parcel too. Give them a Rustler Burger and a packet of Chewits and they'll work twice as fast. 

James & Ryan - Delivery Drivers

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We're chuffed to say that we have helped our customers save... £9,473,259.12 so they can reinvest that back into front line patient care.

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