Our Customers' Pets

So you may have already guessed, but we like animals and we're hoping soon to have our own office dog! Quite a few of our lovely customers also seem to like their pets too, so we thought we'd create a little page just for our furry heroes.

If you would like your pride and joy on this page for all to see and generally make silly baby noises at, then just email us a pic with their name and we'll make them famous! You can email us at sales@medical-supermarket.com

First up, is the lovely Gill from Stakes Lodge with the very cute...Henry

The lovely Susie from Staunton Surgery is next up with her little chap called Winston; one of the most educated dogs we've come across. Bet he would still beat our Nick at Countdown...

Our Nick in the office has a scruffy looking cockerpoo named Fudge...

The lovely Sue from Haddenham Health Centre has a 15 year old dog named Minni. One photo was taken in a studio when they were holidaying in Tintagel, Cornwall and the other is Minnie dressed as Santa last Xmas. She doesn't look too happy to be dressed up! 


Sarah from Toft Road Surgery owns a gorgeous Siberian Husky called Mishka who is 2 years and 3 months old! She attends dog school and hates early mornings! Here’s a picture of Mishka out and about and also of her having a snooze. She’s had a few previous owners but with the right love and attention she’s now found her forever home.


Eddie – is Amanda our CLT Manager’s cat, here he can be seen striking a pose reminiscent of his distant cousin Musfasa from the Lion King! Fun fact: when stretched out from tail to paw he is the same height as his owner (4ft 8 ½ - yes the half matters)


Meet Jo from Choice care’s cat; the handsome Chester. Sadly, having lost their previous cat Harry, Jo felt that there was a big empty ,cat shaped hole in the house. Chester came into Jo’s life from the Cats Protection League and on their first initial meeting Chester was described as one of their ‘specials’ and they weren’t wrong! Chester loves a fuss and a good purr, his hobbies include sleeping, eating , mousing, playing on his activity station and free running. His favourite sleeping place is the top shelf of the airing cupboard and his favourite food is chicken. He’s known as the Chief Chicken Checker Chester because of his rigorous quality control process! He is a very special Tiger cat that is loved to bits.




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