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Monday, 06 August 2012

CQC Registration 

All GP practices and other primary medical services have to be registered with the Care Quality Commission by April 2013, under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. The registration process for this started in July 2012.

What will CQC Registration mean for GPs and other primary medical services?

The CQC's goal is to ensure that high levels of standards are met across the primary care sector which benefit the patients and healthcare professionals. Many healthcare sectors already have to adhere to the CQC standards, such as dentists, care homes and hospitals, and the primary care sector is next on the list.

How will being registered with CQC benefit your surgery?

  • You'll assure patients, commissioners and the Government that you're delivering the kind of quality and safe care everyone has the right to receive.
  • If you're meeting the essential standards, your staff can be reassured that they'll be supported by you to provide care and treatment to patients.
  • The CQC essential standards cover all health and social care services so you know what you can expect from other care organisations you work with.

How will being registered with CQC benefit your patients?

  • The CQC protect patients by tackling poor care and unsafe care services.
  • Patients can be assured that practices are inspected regularly and are meeting the standards they should be able to expect.
  • The information the CQC publishes will help patients make informed choices about where they receive care and what they can expect.
  • Patients can communicate directly with CQC if they have concerns about their care or want to give us feedback.
  • The CQC judgements are patient-focused and they check if patients’ experience of care is what they should be able to expect.
  • Patients should experience consistent standards of care, whether they're receiving health or social care, because the essential standards apply to all health and social care services.
  • Patients will know that they're being treated by staff who have the right qualifications to do so.

What to do now if you need to register?

All GP Surgeries, need to be registered by April 2013 – but the application process has now opened so surgeries can start filling in the application form straight away.

The whole process will take place online and you'll be able to create accounts for various people to help you fill in the form and sign it off.

Who can help?

Completing a CQC registration document can be daunting, especially if you've never completed one before. Not only do they consume a vast amount of time but they can be tricky to complete. That's why Medical Supermarket have teamed up with qualified experienced, CQC assessors who can complete the application process for you and ensure your surgery is fit and ready. With the million and one other jobs you have to finish at your surgery, this is one headache we can hopefully take away.

Call us today for a chat to find out how Medical Supermarket can help your surgery get ready for the CQC Registration process.

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