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Feminine Hygiene Disposal

Disposal of Feminine Sanitary Waste

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Did you know that the recommendation for maintaining hygienic ladies toilets is that there should be 1 sanitary bin to every 3 ladies on site and disposal should be made a minimum of every 6 weeks. We can assist to arrange this for you with a 3 year rolling contract.

How we can help:

  • Supplying sanitary bins via PHS
  • Arranging regular collection of waste visits
  • Providing Duty of Care with a traceable audit and environmentally friendly disposal
Savings Potential:
  • We can potentially save you £100 a year 

 Next Steps:

Press "Continue" below and fill in a few details, please let us know:

  • Number of bins required

  • Which bins you would like Eclipse, Eclipse Auto or Mini Eclipse (as pictured) 

  • Number of visits per year required

  • If you need any other accessories such as sanitary bags, holder or sanitizer wipes

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We're chuffed to say that we have helped our customers save... £11,926,921.64 so they can reinvest that back into front line patient care.

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