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Ink Cartridge Only Recycling Box

Ink Cartridge Only Recycling Box | Medical Supermarket

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Ink Cartridge Only Recycling Scheme

Want to know more?

All responsible organisations are aware of the need to dispose of waste responsibly and in compliance with increasing legislation, including the Environmental Protection Act. Medical Supermarket in conjunction with Staples have developed a solution for the disposal of empty laser toner cartridges which complies to all legislation, provides environmental benefits and is extremely simple and trouble free to use.

Why recycle empty laser cartridges?
  • Most empty toner cartridges can be remanufactured after they have been used, producing high quality items which are 100% guaranteed to match the quality and performance of the original whilst providing genuine cost savings.
  • Anything we collect which is damaged or unsuitable for the remanufacturing process is sorted by material and completely recycled ensuring that nothing is sent to landfill sites. 
  • Each year many millions of cartridges are needlessly sent to landfill sites where they can take between 500 and 1,000 years to break down. It requires up to three litres of precious oil to produce the plastic for a laser toner cartridge and this is completely wasted if it is not recycled after use. 
The solution:
  • The Medical Supermarket Recycling Program is very simple to use. We will provide large collection boxes free of charge to order. 
  • Each box is designed to hold 12 empty cartridges in their original packaging. 
  • When you have 2 full boxes please phone the numbers on the box to arrange a free collection. Duty of Care and collection notes will be issued straight away and the collection will take place within 48 hours. 

Please help Medical Supermarket to reduce our impact on the environment. Please note: If you would like to order this item, please make sure you purchase any other stationery at the same time.

When full, collection can be arranged at no charge, please contact us: help@medical-supermarket.com.

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