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We provide a range of PH neutral, Commercial Deep Clean solutions that surpass the CQC and NHS Guidelines.

By aligning our Deep Clean Team with your organisation’s needs, we can perform 7 stage cleaning processes across surfaces and throughout the air at a time to suit you. Whether that’s working through the night or just before you open your new business, we will support you and your team to achieve the deadline and get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

7 Stage Deep Clean Process

1. Complete 360-degree audit
2. Extraction of loose soil and debris
3. Pre-treatment of surfaces
4. Agitation of fibres
5. Hot water extraction
6. Liquid Evaporation from surfaces
7. Odour elimination and Air purification

The Theory

Over time, surfaces become covered in dirt, contaminated with bacteria, and develop interesting aromas. Our solutions will sanitise any type of surface, but this will only account for less than 1% of a rooms area. Air is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, which can stay active for up to 72 hours. This creates the possibility of recontamination of any surface that has just been cleaned (other than these protected) putting your patients, visitors, and staff at risk again. So, keeping a busy environment with constant footfall hygienically clean is nigh on impossible, no matter how good your cleaners and general cleaning products are. Our team of time served technicians and commercial cleaners have developed a range of solutions to support organisations across all sectors to create a clinically clean, odour neutral and safe environment.

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