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AuraOnce Disposable Laryngeal Mask

AuraOnce Disposable Laryngeal Mask Patient Weight 50-70kg | Medical Supermarket

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Pack Size: 10
Code: MED/INT/363  

Pack Size: 10
Code: MED/INT/364  
Supplier: Medical Supermarket
Lead Time: Within 2 Weeks (Non-Returnable)
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  • Single-patient use reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • The extra soft cuff it only 0.4mm thin to ensure the best possible seal with least intra-cuff pressure
  • The cuff and the airway tube have been moulded as a single unit and so the sides are smooth and there are no ridges or fins that can scratch the delicate tissue
  • The airway tube is flexible at the cuff and rigid at the connector for easy, atraumatic insertion and removal
  • A practical, clear window has been incorporated into the design so that condensation can be viewed
  • The ultra thin pilot balloon, with universal check valve, provides precise, tactile indication of the degree of inflation
  • The re-inforced tip will not bend during insertion so positioning is always correct
  • The Ambu Laryngeal Mask is completely MRI compatible


  • Built-in antomically correct curve for easy atraumatic insertion
  • Reinforced tip resists folding over during insertion and plugs the upper esophageal sphincter (not applicable for US)
  • Cuff and airway tube molded as single unit for extra safety - no separation
  • The surface has an EasyGlide texture to ease insertion
  • Extra-soft cuff ensures the best possible seal with the least possible mucosal pressure
  • Pilot balloon identifies mask size and provides precise tactile indication of degree of inflation
  • Ergonomically shaped airway tube for firm and ergonomical grip during insertion
  • Convenient depth marks for monitoring correct position
  • Packaged sterile and ready for use
  • Colour coded pouch with directions for use
  • Available in 8 sizes fitting a wide range of patients

Manufacturer's Details

Manufacturer: Ambu

Manufacturer's Code: 321 400 000

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