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Neurotips Sterile Neurological Examination Pins for Neuropen

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Neurotips are sterile, single use neurological examination pins, which eliminate the risk of cross infection. They are semi-sharp, to reduce the risk of skin puncture particularly on fragile skin.

Using a Neurotip within a Neuropen ensures that a quantifiable force of 40g can be exerted safely onto the skin, providing a standardised test for identifying patients with a decrease in sensation to sharpness. This provides the clinician with a safer tool for testing pain sensation, as the chance of piercing the skin with this standardised force is minimal.

The red and white Neurotips provide a contrast when used for peripheral vision testing.


  • Sterile semi-sharp examination pin
  • Sharpness testing tip
  • Removable cap
  • Single use


  • 50 x Red Neurotips
  • 50 x White Neurotips

Manufacturer's Details

Manufacturer: Owen Mumford

Manufacturer's Code: NT5405


Section: Neurological Instruments

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