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ASpeed Aspirator Suction Units

ASpeed Aspirator Suction Units Aspeed 3A Mini Aspirator | Medical Supermarket

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3A Mini Aspeed Battery Plus Aspirator

Want to know more?

This 3A Mini Aspeed Rechargeable Battery Plus Aspirator is a professional portable suction unit, used specifically for secretion removal. It has a vacuum regulator, a vacuum gauge, and a 1000ml collection jar with protection device which prevents liquids from entering the suction pump and interrupting flow. The unit has lifetime lubrication and is easy to handle, simple to use, reliable, strong, and silent.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • 1 litre collection jar
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Adjustable vacuum level


  • High Vacuum – Low Flow
  • Voltage – 12Vdc
  • Adjustable Vacuum Level – 0 ÷ -0.80 bar (0 ÷ -85 kPa)
  • Air Flow – 18L/min
  • Continuous Use – 35 minutes autonomy
  • Noise Level (at 1m) – 55 dBA
  • Dimensions – 37 x 10 x 24cm
  • Weight – 5.5kg
  • Rechargeable Battery – 12V 3Ah
  • Charger Unit – 100 ÷ 240V ˜50/60 Hz / 15Vdc 0.33A
  • MDD Class – IIa

Accessories Includes:

  • 1000cc Autoclavable Polycarbonate Jar with Safety Valve (for overflow protection)
  • 1000cc Disposable Suction Liner
  • 99% Antibacterial Hydrophobic Filter + 1 Spare
  • Sterile Disposable Cannula
  • Manual Flow Regulator
  • Power Cord with 12V Plug
  • Charging Unit

Manufacturer's Details

Manufacturer: 3A Health Care

Manufacturer's Code: ASP012


Section: Suction Unit

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