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Our Blog

Our blog contains practical impartial solutions for Primary & Social care.  You do such a vital job, so we want to take the time to provide a central location to offer information that will make your lives easier. In this series of articles we will cover a wide range of topics from improving care to reducing expenses. We will frequently add new articles that are relevant to each sector.


Why is Efficiency So Important in Healthcare

Medical Equipment & It’s Uses 


How to Keep Your Medical Facility Protected from Coronavirus

Can an Oximeter Help Your Patients Detect COVID-19 at Home?

4 Ways for GP Surgeries to Reduce Expenses

How to Manage your GP Practice More Efficiently

5 Items to Add into Every Doctor’s Bag

How to Optimise Patient Loyalty

 A Step-by-Step Guide to Giving Your Patients the Best Experience Possible

What Do You Need When Setting Up Your GP Surgery?

  5 Ways to Attract More Patients to Your GP Practice

7 Must-Haves for Any GP Surgery


 3 Things to Consider When Outfitting a Care Home

Tips to Improve Care in Nursing Homes

4 Ways to Enhance Quality of Life in Care Homes

 How to Make a Care Home Feel Comfortable & Homely

A Guide to Improving Patient Safety in Your Care Home

 How to Build Up Your Reputation as a Residential Care Home

How to Prevent Pressure Ulcers in Your Care Home

Key Steps for Compassionate Working in a Care Home

We hope that you enjoy our blog and that the articles are useful. Feedback is important to us so if you have any comments on the content of our blog or would like contribute or make suggestions on a topic that would be useful for you please email help@medical-supermarket.com


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