A little bit about them...

Ambu was founded in 1937 and focused their attention on bringing efficient healthcare solutions to life. They are proud of the portfolio of products they have designed and manufactured and this now includes items in Anaesthesia, Patient Monitoring & Diagnostics, and Emergency Care.

Millions of patients and healthcare professionals depend on the performance and functionality of the Ambu brand.

The attention to detail Ambu show can be seen from their early inventions like the Ambu bag and the Blue Sensor® electrodes to the latest solution: the aScope™, the world’s first single-use videoscope. Their commitment to bring new ideas to the market has made Ambu one of the most recognised medical companies in the world.

You can check out the Ambu News Page here.

We are delighted to be selling their products and very happy to answer any other questions you may have.

What they sell...

  • Patient Monitoring
    • ECG Stress/Resting/Neonatal/Long Monitoring/Short Monitoring
    • EMG Needles
    • EEG Needles
  • Emergency Care
    • CPR Barriers
    • Suction pumps
    • Head Immobilisers
    • Storage Systems
  • Anaesthesia
    • Laryngeal Masks
    • Facemasks
    • Resuscitators

Ambu products available on Medical Supermarket...

Here are just a small sample of the many Ambu products you can buy on Medical Supermarket

What our customers say...

"I've been buying Ambu products for many years and because of the high quality and great value they offer, I will continue to buy these for years to come"

If you would like anymore information on Ambu products, contact us today and we will be delighted to help you.

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