Zoll Defibrillator

A little bit about them...

Zoll Medical is a leader in software and medical products which helps manage, treat and save lives in emergency situations whilst in hospital, at home, at work or in a GP surgery.

Their mission is to improve resuscitation results by developing products that deliver: superior clinical performance, meaningful information, rapid therapy, economic value and higher user confidence.

How they do this is by fostering a company culture that expects a self-motivated, entrepreneurial spirit, and values each employee.

They know what they are good at and they focus their attention on these areas, which is why they have become market leaders in resuscitation products.

They are an exceptional brand and we are delighted to have their products available on Medical Supermarket

What they sell...

  • Defibrillators
  • Temperature management
  • Cardiac support pump 

Zoll products available on Medical Supermarket...

Here are just a small sample of the Zoll products you can buy on Medical Supermarket

What our customers say...

"Zoll is a brand I trust to deliver when there's an emergency"

If you would like anymore information on Zoll, contact us today and we will be delighted to help you

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We're chuffed to say that we have helped our customers save... £13,127,681.63 so they can reinvest that back into front line patient care.

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