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Photocopying & Printing

Digital Photocopying Equipment and Maintenance Support

Want to know more:

We have seen the development of standalone photocopiers to the multi-functional network devices they are today.

The evolution of photocopying equipment has empowered us to provide:

  • High speed scanning solutions - scan to email, docman and network folder(s)
  • Low printing output costs that can be controlled, cost coded and monitored
  • Secure and private printing - for confidential documents
  • Electronic Faxing - saves time and reduces output costs
  • Lower energy consumption levels to save money
  • Comprehensive maintenance programme backed with fully accredited and qualified engineers
  • Automated replacement toner ordering and automated meter reading reporting saving your administration time
  • We can also help you tick all the environmental and carbon footprint boxes in the ever-evolving office today.

Savings Potential:

We have been able to help reduce in-house running costs, the number of machines required and stream line facilities.

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