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Accoson Blood Pressure Velcro Cuff Double Tube

Accoson Blood Pressure Velcro Cuff Double Tube Outsize Adult 15" x 7" | Medical Supermarket

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Outsize Adult 15" x 7" Accoson Double Tube Blood Pressure Velcro Cuff 

Want to know more? 

Each Accoson pre-measured cuff is marked with the upper and lower limit of limb circumference to which the cuff is suited. Cuffs with single tube bladders are required for our Duplex and Limpet aneroid models.

  • All cuffs and bladders are “Latex Free”.
  • Spare Inflation Bladders only are available in both double and single tube style for all the above sizes of cuffs.
  • The following chart has been designed to help you get the exact cuff you need. The codes stated are Accoson's unique codes. 

Please use the table below to help you find the right Accoson cuff:

Max Limb Circumference

Cuff with Double Tube


Cuff with Single Tube

Standard Adult 343mm 1321 click to buy 1311 click to buy
Alternative Adult 420mm 1322 click to buy 1312 click to buy
Outsize Adult 482mm 1323 click to buy 1313 click to buy
Child 266mm 1324 click to buy 1314 click to buy
Infant 173mm 1326 click to buy 1316 click to buy
Newborn 122mm 1327 click to buy 1317 click to buy
Thigh 609mm 1328 click to buy 1318 click to buy

Manufacturer's Details

Manufacturer: Accoson

Manufacturer's Code: 1323


Section: Blood Pressure Cuffs

Features: Reusable

For Use With: Accoson

Size: Outsize Adult

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