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Metal Tubular Bandage Applicators

Metal Tubular Bandage Applicators Size 00 | Medical Supermarket

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Pack Size: 1
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Pack Size: 1
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Size 00 Metal Tubular Bandage Applicator

Want to know more?

A range of stainless steel Bandage Applicators designed to make the application of tubular and finger bandages more convenient and less traumatic for the patient.

The applicators are available in a range of designs to suit most sizes of bandage. 


Size 00 - (W)2cm x (L)9cm
Size 01 - (W)3.5cm x (L)9cm
Size F/A (Whisk) - (W)2.2cm x (L)13cm
Size C - (W)3.4cm x (L)15.2cm
Size D - (W)5cm x (L)15.20cm
Size E - (W)9.5cm x (L)15.6cm
Size F - (W)12.9cm x (L)15.6cm
Size G - (W)17.7cm x (L)15.3cm
Size H - (W)21cm x (L)15.4cm
Size J - (W)23.3cm x (L)15.3cm
Size K - (W)25.2cm x (L)15.3cm
Size FX - (W)15.4cm x (L)15.6cm

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