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Combur Urine Test Strips

Combur Urine Test Strips 3 Tests | Medical Supermarket

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3 Test Combur-Test Urine Analysis Diagnostic Strips

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Manufactured by the medical giant Roche Diagnostics, these urine analysis test strips offer reliability and convenience in urinalysis screening and monitoring. With a range of different test strips designed to diagnose different things these test strips are perfect for your practice. The product show tests for Protein, Glucose & PH.


  • Resistant to Vitamin C Interference
  • Hygienic to handle
  • Easy to use
  • All test zones read in 60 seconds
  • Accurate, reliable results
  • Tests for Protein, Glucose & PH


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Manufacturer's Details

Manufacturer: Roche

Manufacturer's Code: 04510062171


Section: Urine Test Strips

No: of Tests: Three

  Medical Supermarket Urine Test Strips 10 Parameter - Single Pack | Medical Supermarket
Medical Supermarket Urine Test Strips
10 Parameter - Single Pack
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